Your BADM 261 Fall 2022 Instructional Team

Welcome to T&M Seminar 2022! We are super excited to meet you all this semester!

Get to know your instructional team below.

The surest way to position yourself for success in a career in technology and management is to discover the type of work that allows you to be at your best, and the type of problems you are most passionate about solving.

During Fall 2021, Samantha Koon taught BADM 261 along with Stephanie Brand, Grace Levita, Jack Gitschlag, and Ramya Gandhi as the Course Assistants. Here are some reflections they have:

The T&M Seminar opened my eyes to all of the possibilities available for careers at the crossroads of engineering and business! It was inspiring to hear from the T&M alumni and corporate sponsors who came to speak to us about their experiences. The seminar was key in developing my professional brand and I would recommend it to any student with an interest in learning from leaders across industries!

Ramya Gandhi, BADM 261 Course Assistant

Joining the team this year are Aleksina Jovic and Arvin Sam. They are both students in the T&M Seminar Fall 2021, and they are now a part of T&M Class XXVIII. Here are their thoughts on the seminar course:

Being in the T&M Seminar was an amazing experience! I really enjoyed getting to know the corporate sponsors and their company values. I was able to get a glimpse of the T&M program and meet fellow pears in both engineering and business. I also felt like I greatly developed many professional skills through the corporate sponsored events. Overall, great experience!

Aleksina Jovic, BADM 261 Course Assistant

The BADM 261 seminar course has taught me a lot about technology and management in very different industries. I have gained a robust understanding of the diverse decision-making principles companies adopt to persevere through disruptions and shifts in the innovation economy. I have gained a plethora of professional skills and interpersonal attributes that have given me a great headspace when interviewing and applying to companies. I attribute a lot of my professional success and accomplishments to my learnings from the BADM 261 T&M Seminar!

Arvin Sam, BADM 261 Course Assistant
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