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Main Takeaways From the T&M Seminar Class

By: Nicole Lee

As a Business major, I was first uncertain whether this T&M seminar will be beneficial tome or not. However, at the same time, I didn’t want to lose this precious opportunity that was given to me in which I can expand my knowledge outside of the business world and learn more about the technology and engineering aspects of businesses. Now that we successfully ended the seminar class, I can confidently say that this class deeply diversified my experiences and allowed me to grasp a countless amount of insightful information from each company and each speaker I encountered during the course of this seminar. In this blogpost, I want to share some of the main key takeaways I have from this class.

1. Everyone Starts Off as a Beginner
This particular lesson is what I learned from listening to the professionals and executives talk about their timeline of their lives and how they got to reach the ultimate goal and career successes that they are enjoying right now. No matter how magnificent their current position seems like at this moment, they all started from scratch. They were able to reach the highest point of their lives because of the amount of effort and dedication they put into their career. Nothing is free nor is happiness. In order for them to reach that level of success, they encountered many unexpected obstacles in the way; but most importantly, they persevered and overcame those obstacles until they made it to the end. So it is important for us to keep reminding ourselves during our darkest times that things are going to be better once we put in more effort and alternative solutions to it. Hard work never betrays us, and only the ones who tried their hardest will succeed.

2. Innovation Leads to a Better Future
All of the company representatives who came in to talk to us had the same mindset: a growth mindset. They were constantly looking for ways to change their strategies, mitigate their current problems, and improve their operations with new technologies, new solutions, and new people. This was inspirational to me because I thought these companies were already in a great position and they seemed flawless to me; however, the fact that they are always internally looking for ways to grow and develop into a better firm was extremely impressive. For instance, Uber mentioned that they are researching towards implementing drone delivery services in the future to enhance their contactless delivery method if the coronavirus pandemic happens to elongate longer. These technologies sound impossible to the current society right now, but we will soon be mesmerized by the way technology proves that there really is nothing impossible in this world.

3.The Hardest Decision Could Bring You The Best Results
Sometimes, we are faced with a very difficult decision and we oftentimes are reluctant to make that decision because we might be afraid of the consequences, or we might not be confident enough to move forward. However, in this ever-changing world with countless amounts of opportunities, it’s important to say “yes” to life and see how life suddenly works for you rather than against you. Specifically from this seminar class, I learned this lesson when I was given the chance to network with the speakers from various companies. Although they seemed very intimidating to me, I knew that these opportunities will allow me to network and open up my path to learning more about the related industry and improving my interpersonal skills at the same time.

Overall, I am glad that I decided to apply for this seminar class because it helped me learn so much about each of the companies that came to speak to us to enlighten us with all of the insightful information and advice they provided. This class not only helped me learn about technology and management but also about how to view a life of a young professional in this society full of competition and growth opportunities. I look forward to continuing my interest in learning more about industries outside of my major field of study as it will allow me to be a more well-rounded individual in the future.

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