John Deere

At 183 years old, John Deere (, NYSE: DE) is the oldest publicly-traded industrial company in the US. It is one of very few businesses to be on top of its core market globally for over half of a century. To stay on top that long, Deere has had to become great at learning how to do new things. In 2020, Deere launched the next chapter of its evolution, becoming a Smart Industrial.


Mark has two roles at John Deere. He leads the Advanced Sensing team in the Emerging Technology group that is building the next generation of the IoT (For Deere, that’s the Internet of Tractors). He’s also the head of the John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group office in Champaign (also known as JDTIC) at the University of Illinois Research Park.

In Mark’s 20-plus years at John Deere, he has had roles in Global IT, Enterprise Architecture, Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Marketing, and Advanced Engineering. In all of those roles, he has been focused on how Information & Communication Technology can both transform and disrupt enterprises like John Deere. Before joining Deere, Mark was a civil engineer focused on airport construction.

Mark holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois (1993), an MBA from the University of Iowa (2003), and an SM in System Design & Management from MIT (2011). He is currently pursuing his PhD in Informatics at the University of Illinois, studying the application of text-mining and natural language processing to voluntary reporting for large, publicly traded companies.

Mark and his wife Lori live in Urbana, Illinois with their four dogs. They have two college-aged daughters (both Illini).

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