FA2020 Instructional Team

Your BADM 261 Fall 2020 Instructional Team

Welcome to T&M Seminar 2020! We are super excited to meet you all virtually this semester!

Get to know your instructional team below.

The surest way to position yourself for success in a career in technology and management is to discover the type of work that allows you to be at your best, and the type of problems you are most passionate about solving.

For Ilalee, she is at my best when she is working with diverse teams leveraging STEAM practices to solve interdisciplinary, international business problems.

She is looking forward to being a part of your career readiness journey this fall!

During Fall 2019, Ilalee Harrison James taught BADM 261 along with Michael Romero as the Course Assistant and Ying Guan as the Coffee Chat and Lunch-and-Learn Coordinator. Throughout that semester, here are some reflections they have:

At this great university, we have the opportunity to meet recruiters and staff from top companies within many different industries. However, any exposure to upper management is minimal or non existent. The T&M Seminar offers an unparalleled experience by allowing students to develop personal connections with Fortune 500 companies that would be difficult to cultivate anywhere else at UIUC. Get excited for an educational and rewarding experience!

Michael Romero, BADM 261 Lead Course Assistant

The T&M Seminar is a great opportunity to start building your network early not only with executives but with people that are in T&M. In addition, I gained valuable insights about technology and management through speakers that I never thought I would have gained. I 100% recommend T&M Seminar!

Ying Guan, T&M Media Coordinator

Joining the team this year are Grace Levita and Stephanie Brand. They are both students in the T&M Seminar Fall 2019, and they are now a part of T&M Class XXVI. Here are their thoughts on the seminar course:

The T&M Seminar was one of my favorite experiences of my sophomore year. I was able to use my time management and communication skills when hosting my corporate affiliate team, and getting to network with high-level professionals was a huge plus. I also valued getting the opportunity to practice discussions in a professional setting.

Grace Levita, BADM 261 Course Assistant

Being a part of the T&M seminar was such a unique and valuable experience that was consistently the highlight of my week. Throughout the semester I had the opportunity to develop real world professional skills and build both my peer and professional networks.

Stephanie Brand, BADM 261 Course Assistant/T&M Program Assistant
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